Frenulum Orgasm

Frenulum Orgasm with The Amazing Frenulum Vibrator

Are you ready to experience the incredible frenulum orgasm?

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If you have never had a frenulum orgasm get ready for your world to be rocked!

The frenulum is the spot just below the head of your member. It is a very sensitive part that is often overlooked when it comes to pleasure. Doctors have referred to it as "the male clitoris".

Just the simple vibration on this area will have you exploding like never before.

Warning - this frenulum vibrator creates such a powerful orgasm it may become your preferred method. Something that a partner will never be able to match for you. 

This device comes with a USB charger (no extra batteries required). After it is fully charged, simply place your erect member in it as the picture shows. 

Do NOT move it - I know this sounds counterintuitive but trust me. Simply let it vibrate on this area while checking out your favorite video or reading material.

 Have a towel handy because you are about to explode like never before. Several users have reported that the first few times they use it they have finished in around 30 seconds.

We value our customer’s privacy. All of our products ship in a discreet package which shows nothing else but a logo and return address

"Has strong vibrations and multiple settings. Good feel to it. Different twist on something we don’t have many options on."

"Nice tight fit. Water and lube proof by the looks of it but nothing was needed except a nice comfy place to lay."

"Very nice and I don't have to buy it dinner."


"Awesome. They even walked me through my problems with the device. Can't be more grateful."

"Very fast shipping and discreet packaging. The product itself we still have to learn a little more about. But we'll get there. Thanks so much!"